Royal Highland Green


Royal Highland Green has a rich grassy, sweet, vegetal, and somewhat floral macadamia taste. This is a excellent green tea from Kenya. It originates from Mount Kenya’s Southern slopes and is pesticide free. A note of caution: be careful not to over-steep the tea, or tip the water/tea ratio or this tea can become bitter.

Type: Royal Highland Green (Net Weight 1.5oz/43g)
Country of origin: Kenya
Color: Yellow – Green
Aroma and Taste: Rich grassy, sweet, vegetal, floral macadamia notes

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-From Royal Tea of Kenya’s website-

TASTING NOTES: Royal Highland Green
FAMILY: green tea

Highland Green is a warm, rich green tea, with sweet undertones, and a very satisfying mouthfeel. It will not be astringent or harsh unless brewed with water that is too hot, or with too much leaf for the amount of water. The tea can be infused at least three or four times. Highland Green can be prepared successfully with all kinds of brewing methods, from a high leaf-to-water ratio and short steep in a Chinese gaiwan, to an infuser in a mug, to a large teapot.

General brewing tips:
• Brew in a glass or porcelain teapot or brewing vessel.
• Use good water (spring water is ideal).
• Pre-warm all of the tea ware.
• Use a ratio of 1.5 tsp of dry leaf per 8 ounces of water.
• Use 160°f water.
• Infuse for 2 minutes for the initial infusion, with slightly longer steeping times for second-fourth infusions.

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