Grandpa’s Anytime Tea


This CTC black tea is something to behold, it is strong, full bodied and packed with flavor and it works well with milk and sugar.  This full bodied tea can replace coffee in my opinion if you are a coffee drinker. Without being too strong or bitter, it has a bold and smooth strength that, now daily I cannot find my self without.

Type: Grandpa’s Anytime Tea (4 oz/114 g tin)
Country of Origin: Kenya
Grading: CTC
Liquor: Rich Red
Tasting Notes: Bold, Strong
Recommended Serving: Straight, Tea with Milk & Sugar
Amount of Tea: 6 fl oz – 1 tsp
Cost Per Cup: 0.25 cent
57 teacups per 4 oz tin

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-From Royal Tea of Kenya’s website-

TASTING NOTES: Grandpa’s Anytime Tea
FAMILY: Black Tea

Grandpa’s Anytime Tea is named after Arthur Njuguna Komo, the oldest tea farmer in the world, who turns 113 this year. Grandpa’s Anytime Tea is similar to Grandpa’s Afternoon Tea, but is mellower and lighter. The aroma of the dry leaf is sweet, and slightly tangy, and it brews into a rich, red liquor. This tea produces a satisfying brew which tastes good by itself or with milk and sweetener.

General brewing tips:
• Brew in a glass or porcelain teapot.
• Use good water (spring water is ideal).
• Pre-warm all of the tea ware.
• Use a ratio of 1.5 tsp of dry leaf per 8 ounces of water.
• Use water that has just come to a full boil (212°f).
• Infuse for 4 minutes.

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