Oriental Beauty


During the early 20th century Queen Elizabeth II was presented with this exclusive Oolong Tea and she was so impressed with it the name Oriental Beauty was bestowed upon it.  Very complex and floral sweetness that truly remarkable!

Type: Oriental Beauty (Net Weight 1.5oz/43g)
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Liquor: Light Amber
Aroma and Taste: Sweet, Floral
Recommended Serving: Straight, Iced Tea
Amount of Tea: 6 fl oz – 1 tsp
Cost Per Cup: 0.81 cent
21 teacups per 1.5 oz sachet

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-Oolong Tea Health Benefits-

According to WebMD; Oolong tea is used to sharpen thinking skills and improve mental alertness.  Some people use it to treat obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and eczema; and to boost the immune system.

-How to Brew a Perfect Pot of Oolong Tea-

  • Start with cold fresh water and bring water to 200 F.
  • Pre-warm teapot.
  • Use a ratio of one teaspoon of dry tea leaf per cup of water (6 fl oz).
  • Pour hot water over leaves and steep for 2 minutes for the initial infusion, with slightly longer steeping times for second and third infusions.
  • Strain tea with tea strainer and enjoy your nice cup of oolong tea!

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