About Us


Exquisite Tea Company is a boutique tea and tea accessory company that provides affordable luxury into your fast-paced life.

The founder of Exquisite Tea Company, Aya, was born in a small town in Japan that is well known for clean air, clear-flowing rivers and many hospitalities. Her mother, a Master of Japanese Tea Ceremony, instilled in her the importance of discipline and respect of a simple traditional life. Aya was introduced to many different teas and is educated in the history, origin and correct preparation of tea for the best flavor. Aya’s upbringing has afforded her all of the skills and dedication to provide a very chic afternoon tea party.

The Co-founder of Exquisite Tea Company, Brad, was raised in Northern Virginia. He has always enjoyed good food and has found that the flavor of different teas can elevate any food to a higher level. His vast knowledge of tea compliments his passion about the history and origin of different teas and tea blends. Brad’s dedication to provide only the best tea product is unwavering.

Exquisite Tea Company offers an assortment of sophisticated single estate teas, handcrafted teas and hand-blended teas, as well as chic gifts to compliment your tea experience.

Both Aya and Brad believe that traditional craftsmanship and quality products provide for the best flavorful tea experience.